Asterisk PBX now works with

  • - Micros Fidelio, Opera and Suit8
  • - Protel
  • - Amadeus Hospitality
  • - Brilliant
  • - Newhotel
  • - Silverbyte / Optima
  • - All PMS with Comtrol lodging link / UHLL protocol
  • - All PMS which can connect to Mitel 200SX. We can emulate this PBX

PBillx Inc. is the inventor and developer of the P$X FIAS interface software that works with any VoIP Asterisk solution and a Micros PMS or Protel PMS. Our software will¬†significantly¬†change the hospitality telephony market because for the first time hotels can use Asterisk the world’s leading open source PBX, telephony engine, and telephony applications toolkit.

We can integrate to 95% of all existing PMS systems thru Micros FIAS protocol, comtrol / UHLL protocol and via Mitel 200SX emulation